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Intelligent Frequency Conversion Module
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  • Key Features

       The module adopts TMS320LF2401A of T1 company and IGBT module, strong function, high reliability

       It adopts space voltage vector measure, low harmonic of the output

       Perfect protection function, intelligent control, easy to operate

       Software upgrade online is available

       Free shut down and soft shut down, the time of soft shut down is adjustable


        Drag AC motor soft-start and frequency conversion energy saving run, mainly used in weave, plastic machine

    printing fields and so on

  • Intelligent Frequency Conversion Module

      See Definition and Symbols

    Parameters Unit Specification
    Rated capacitance kW 0.4 0.75 1.0 1.5 2.5 3.7
    Input power supply Sing-phase 220V (-25 ~ +10%), 50 ~ 60 HZ
    Frequency adjust range HZ 0-400
    Voltage/frequency pattern Software itself enactment curve manner
    Torque advance 0 ~ 30% enactment arbitrarily
    Accelerated, decelerated time 1 ~ 600s enactment arbitrarily
    On and off frequency 1 ~ 15kHZ enactment arbitrarily
    Frequency enactment

    Panel figure enactment,

    terminal simulation enactment (DC: 0 ~ 5),

    asynchronism communication enactment

    Run control

    Positive rotate, negative rotate, start controlled, terminal 7 segment speed control, asynchronous communicaiton control

    Over loading power 150% rated current, 1 min
    Protection function

    Over voltage protection, lack voltage protection, over-current protection, over heat protection, short circuit protection, reverse time limit over load protection

    Show function Frequency show
    Fault code show

  • Intelligent Frequency Conversion Module
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