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Reward Packages

Today, organisations acknowledge the important role reward programs play in contributing to business success. TCEC will provide a proper total reward strategy to attract, motivate and retain competent employees.

The total reward strategy covers the financial and non-financial rewards including the following five elements:
Salary Pay, Benefit, Work-life Balance, Performance and Recognition, Development and Career Opportunities.

  • Salary Pay

           Fixed Pay

           Variable Pay

           Short-term Incentive Pay

           Long-term Incentive Pay

  • Benefits

           Social Insurances
           -- Pension Insurance
           -- Medical Insurance
           -- Unemployment Insurance
           -- Work Injury Insurance
           -- Maternity Insurance
           -- Housing Payment Insurance

           Pay for Time Not Worked
           -- At work (breaks, clean-up time)
           -- Away from work (vacation, company holidays, personal days)

  • Work-Life Balance

           Workplace Flexibility

           Paid and Unpaid Time Off

           Health and Well-being

           Caring for Dependents

           Financial support

  • Recognition

    Awards can be cash or non-cash such as:

           Verbal Recognition




  • Learning & Development

           Learning Opportunities
           -- Tuition Assistance
           -- Attendance at Outside Seminars, Conferences

           -- Formal or Informal Mentoring Programs
           -- Access to Experts/Information Networks

           Advancement Opportunities
           -- Job Advancement/Promotion
           -- Succession planning

  • Salary Pay
  • Benefits
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Recognition
  • Learning & Development
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